06 / 10 / 2022

BSC starts a new EU project on digitalisation – Data4Food2030

Author: BSC

BSC starts a new Horizon Europe project on digitalisation – Data4Food2030 “Pathways towards a fair, inclusive and innovative Data Economy for Sustainable Food Systems” (Grant Agreenment 101059473). The project kick-off meeting took place in Lisbon on 29th of September 2022.

Data4Food 2030 will look into social, economic and technological solutions of data economy and develop a monitoring system and tools to enhance the positive impacts. BSC will be responsible for stakeholder consultation and dialogue to ensure that interests and values of various food system actors are considered and respected while designing and implementing sustainable digitalisation solutions in an increasingly data driven economy.

In this project BSC will collaborate with our long standing research partners, such as Wageningen Research (NL), ILVO (BE), INRAE (FR), as well as a number of new partners from industry and civic sector including data companies, software developers and data economy associations.