26 / 09 / 2016

E-conference "Exploring the contribution of small farms to achieving food security and improved nutrition"

Author: BSC

Researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and other stakeholders are invited to participate in a moderated e-mail conference hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) from 10 to 23 October 2016 entitled "Exploring the contribution of small farms to achieving food security and improved nutrition".

FAO is hosting this e-mail conference as part of its contributions to an EU-funded Horizon 2020 research project on "Small Farms, Small Food Businesses and Sustainable Food Security" (SALSA, In this 4-year project, which began in April 2016, FAO is collaborating with 16 European and African partners (incl. BSC from Latvia) to develop a better understanding of the current and potential contribution of small farms and small food businesses to sustainable food and nutrition security in an increasingly globalised and uncertain world.

The e-mail conference will allow participants from around the world to share and discuss their experiences, lessons learned and perspectives on the contribution of small farms to food security and nutrition. The kinds of issues to be discussed will include, inter alia, the characterization of small farms; the current (and future) contribution of small farms to the different dimensions of food security; and the best approaches for researchers to use to evaluate the contribution of small farms to food security.

The conference is open to everyone, is free and will be moderated. To subscribe to the conference, send an e-mail to with the following one line in the body of the message (leave the subject line blank):

subscribe small-farms-L firstname lastname

where firstname and lastname refer to the person's first and last name.

A background document is being prepared and will be sent to subscribers before the conference begins. We ask you to kindly spread the word about this conference to others. For more information, please contact the conference moderator John Ruane at or see

All messages posted during the conference will be publicly available on the web, at