12 / 05 / 2017

Conference keynote speakers announced

Author: Miķelis Grīviņš

We are now announcing conference's “Alternative food supply networks in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards new grounds for interpretation and collaboration” keynote speakers.

1. Petr Jehlička

Petr Jehlička will give a presentation on strengths and weaknesses of the existing theoretical approaches used to analyse AFNs and extent to which theories developed in one context may capture the peculiarities and role of AFNs in different contexts:

Petr Jehlička (RNDr in Geography, Charles University, Prague; PhD in Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge University) is Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geography at the Open University, UK. He is one of the most acclaimed researchers studying East European environmentalism. Petr Jehlička is well known for his work on sustainable food production and consumption, as well as the unintended consequences of the Western ideal of civil society in post-socialist settings. He has published research articles in the leading academic journals and several book chapters. For open and free access to these publications please visit the Open Research Online repository:

Details regarding other keynote speakers will follow.

Information regarding other keynote speakers will follow.

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