30 / 05 / 2018

A quick update #2

Author: BSC

The BSC team has been busy since the last entry. We have continued working on our research projects, but there are also a number of activities that we would like to highlight.

- On 28 May, BSC researchers, in cooperation with the University of Latvia and colleagues from Aalborg University and Wageningen University and Research organised a discussion on building a new research network and associated infrastructure as part of Food, nutrition and health (FNH-RI). FNH-RI is intended as a European research platform for the study of food in relation to nutrition and public health. The event was attended by researchers, specialists from ministries and state institutions, and representatives of NGOs and the private sector.

- A number of articles co-authored by BSC researchers have been published in Journal of Rural Studies and Land Use Policy. Both journals have a high impact factor. The BSC team is especially proud of our colleague Sandra Šūmane who co-authored several of the articles.

- Tālis Tisenkopfs and Miķelis Grīviņš received good news regarding an article they co-authored. Bricolage for Self-Sufficiency is among the most downloaded recent articles published in Sociologia Ruralis.

- On May 17, Miķelis Grīviņš took part in a scientific cafe organised by the University of Latvia. The overall topic of the event was sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, overuse of natural resources and the role of start-ups in reducing the negative impact on the environment. More information (in Latvian) available here.

- BSC researchers participated in an interdisciplinary writing retreat that took place on 10-12 May in Ratnieki, a recreation complex owned by the University of Latvia.